Håvard Hølland

Utstilling med ung, talentfull og lovende Stavangerkunstner.

Fra 07. Februar 2012 – 06. Mars 2012.

Håvard Hølland is a multiartist working with paint, sculpture, photo, video and sound. His art represent artlessness, working with a so called Zen mind, to explore and experience intense perception through art. Leading both the artist and viewer into an altered state of mind to experience the visual silence and beauty in art. Where meaning and preoccupations is left aside intentionally bringing the self into alignment and give rise to surprised recognition. Synchronically to blend into the now.

The highly conceptual art societies these days brings forth a lot of chaos and frustration for the viewer, whereas to not understand the fundamental meaning of art, the simplicity of creativity.

Hølland breaks the illusions and unveils the true nature of art without abandon the present, then the pure inspiration emerging from art can be felt, and finally encounter divine creativity. As the saying less is more.

The growing tendencies towards freedom and liberation for all mankind both inward and outward has increased enormously the last decade, and Hølland feels that the beginning of a new age is right around the corner. This golden age will stage out various new ways to bring forth art in its full splendour, even new forms of art will emerge. Furthermore he is very excited about bringing forth the integration of west and east in the world and all new phenomena coming from that. Time is art.

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